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Parasites of freshwater cyclopoid copepods & cladocera
« am: Januar 04, 2021, 17:51:50 Nachmittag »
Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to offer some expertise on various organisms using Cyclops strenuus and Daphnia obtusa as hosts, collected from a small pond in southern England yesterday. From what I can make out there are 3 different species living on the Cyclops, and 2 on the Daphnia. From some initial research I believe the organisms on the Cyclops are Epistylis sp. (maybe E. plicatilis?) (pic 1), Amoebidium sp. (presumably A. parasiticum?) (pic 2), and a cyanobacteria, maybe Anabaena (pic 3). The 2 on the Daphnia (pic 4) seem to be another Epistylis sp. or similar, and something else that I'm unsure of. Any guidance of how to proceed would be much appreciated - it is proving rather difficult to track down any literature on these. Cheers