Rhizosphere of Eichhornia sp.

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Leo van Griensven

Dear All,

I made a few pictures of Eichhornia rhizosphere and its inhabitants applying fluorescent light. The exciting light was of 450-495 nm and the barrier of 510 nm. What will show up is yellow, green and red fluorescence. Microscope is Reichert-Jung Polyvar with Reichert Plan objectives.
I took the plant from the small pond in my garden and cut off a tiny piece of secondary root. I took small rootlet pieces which I put in glycerol on covered object glass and made pictures within 30 minutes. Thease were the results:

Picture 1 shows a secondary root with germinating rootlets showing some microorganisms on its surface. The objective was 4x.

Picture 2 show an abundant green algae population on the rootlet: objective 10x.

Picture 3 shows a variety of organisms present on the rootlet:objective 20x.

I enjoyed the sheer beauty. Gradually I will learn to recognize the nature of the organisms. If you know, please let me know.


Leo van Griensven.

Florian Stellmacher

Lieber Leo,

zwar kann ich inhaltlich nichts beitragen - die Bilder sind aber wunderschön. Danke!

Herzliche Grüße,
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Zeiss Axioskop 2
Olympus BHS (DL, Pol, Multidiskussionseinrichtung)
Zeiss Axiophot (DIK und AL-Fluoreszenz)
Zeiss Axiovert (Fluoreszenz)
Wild M400 Fotomakroskop (DL, DF, AL, Pol)